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NewsBlaze Commentary extends into the Political Zone with Word-bending Twists and Fantastical Creations from Robert Paul Reyes and M.J.

Politics, Pop Culture and Pointless Pontificating Author gets Bushwhacked and Fiddlestix Partner in Political Commentary Cartoon

FOLSOM, Calif. (EWORLDWIRE) May 22, 2008

Online commentary reaches beyond mainstream thought into a peculiar dimension with NewsBlaze journalist Robert Paul Reyes and cartoonist M.J., who merge singular talents in relentless presentation of every day idiosyncracies.

To fish this year's most important American political events out of the sea of banalities and present it in a comprehensible way requires a set of skills possessed by a select few and demonstratedly, by these two. According to NewsBlaze Chief Editor Alan Gray, "Among the elite of political commentary, the names of Robert Paul Reyes and M.J. are pronounced with utmost respect. Some already predict that Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama should start to worry as this NewsBlaze duo will spare no one."

Robert Paul Reyes joined NewsBlaze only recently. "I was born and raised in the liberal San Francisco Bay Area, but now I write a newspaper column, from a liberal perspective, for a small town in the Bible Belt," he says of himself. His articles on the 2008 U.S. presidential election, which have also appeared on the Student Operated Press Web site, are among the most readable and controversial. "The tag line for one of my blogs is 'Politics, Pop Culture and Pointless Pontificating' - that sums up my writing interests," he says.

M.J., on the other hand, debuted on NewsBlaze in March, 2006. Since then, his cartoons have been an essential component that adds more than color to the world of black fonts and blue hyperlinks.

This collaboration between wordsmith Robert Paul Reyes and political cartoonist, M.J. is already a popular hit.

"M.J. has two cartoon series - Bushwhacked and Fiddlestix. M.J. creates our favorite political cartoons," stated Gray. "Robert Paul Reyes is a welcome addition to the pages of NewsBlaze. Readers love his work, and teaming up with M.J. was a great idea."

Two examples of this collaboration are available at:
. 'Newsflash To Hillary Clinton: It's Over'
. 'Hey George Bush: Wanna Buy Some Computer Parts?'

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