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PDF AVAILABLE: Call For The Creation Of A Hmong State - Partition Laos, Issued by Congress of World Hmong People

Graphic photos and complete text available in attached file.


The following appeal has been issued by Congress of World Hmong People:

Guided by the Charter of the United Nations - Articles 55 and 73, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Principles of the Right to Secession and the Laws of the Creator,

Whereas, the Hmong are indigenous people and independent with distinctive in cultural identity, language and religion or beliefs,

Whereas, the Hmong indigenous people reside throughout the regions of Greater Asia and Southeast Asia dating back to 5,000 BC,

Whereas, the Hmong ancient civilizations established kingdoms, territories, shrines, temples and heritage sites,

Whereas, the Hmong Nation were exposed to conflicts, wars, invasions, division, destruction and force assimilation,

Whereas, the Hmong Nation's lands, territories and civilizations were greatly affected by the imperialism of Asia by regional and western powers and its subsequent treaties - the Franco-Chinese Treaty of 1885 and Franco-Siam Treaty of 1907, that determined modern day boundary of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand,

Whereas, the Hmong were recruited to fight on behalf of all parties to the international conflicts of the French Indochina War, Second Indochina War and the Laotian Civil War from 1946-1975 - the battle to control of Southeast Asia,

Whereas, the Hmong nation's security was not included in the negotiation for the Cease-Fires Agreements to end the war in Southeast Asia in Paris 1972 and Vientiane 1973,

Whereas, the Hmong were targeted for extermination by the Lao Peopleas Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) since 1975 with full backing by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,

Whereas, the Lao PDR has used and continue using Lao military, local and foreign mercenaries, mainly Vietnamese, to attack the Hmong ChaoFa Nation in Xaysomboun Special Zone and other areas in Laos,

Whereas, the Lao PDR commits Crimes against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity,

Whereas, the Lao PDR has consistently denied involvement, denied international access and callings to honor its obligations,

Whereas, the Lao PDR awarded Hmong indigenous lands, territories and natural resources to regional, international investors and offered for occupation via Special Co-operation Treaties and debt relief exchange agreements,

To this end, the Hmong Nation is victim to CONDITIONS of:

. Imperialism
. Territorial Occupation
. International Conflicts
. Population Displacements
. Economic Marginalization
. Racial Discrimination
. Genocide
. War Crimes
. Atrocities
. Chemical Weapons
. Forced Starvation
. Rights Violations Torture
. Rapes
. Illegally Detained or Imprisoned
. Refugees Repatriation
. Children Trafficking
. Disappearances
. Forced Relocation
. Assassination
. Drug Poisoning
. Execution
. Grave Desecration


Lao PDR Leaders Responsible for over 200,000 Hmong deaths:

. Souphanouvong
. Vongvichit
. Phomvihane
. Phoumsavanh
. Siphandon
. Sayasone

Lao Troops and Vietnamese Mercenaries - Covert Operations to Attack
Location: Xaysomboun Special Zone, Hmong Resistance Territories

War Crimes


THE CHAOFA RESISTANCE - Formed to Counter Lao PDR/Vietnam Incursion
ChaoFa Supreme Leader, Zong Zua Her and Comrades, Xaysomboun Resistance Zone
President Pa Kao Her with Thai Military Advisers, defense strategy planning along Thai-Lao borders


Children Deportation
Persecution Refugees
Grave desecration
26 Children deported back to Laos (December 2005, remain unaccounted for)
8,000 in Phetchabun and 153 in Nong Khai, Thailand - toward an uncertain fate
Souls Disturbed, Wat Tham Krabok (Over 906 cases)

Purpose, Lao PDR, by any means at their disposal, to eliminate the Hmong systematically, in doing so, it violates Hmong people the right to exist and impedes the right to exercise self-determination and development,

In the spirit of friendly relations among peoples, nations, and states as to pledge for co-operation in according to the Charter of the United Nations and International Rights Mechanism for peoples - under oppression - to obtain self-government and trust territories,

Now, therefore HMONG CHAOFA FEDERATION STATE and CONGRESS of World Hmong People, hereby to -
Call for the establishment of a sovereign Hmong State as the only clear solution for Hmong to achieve lasting peace, freedom and security,

Call for all foreign powers and investors to immediately withdraw from Hmong Indigenous lands and territories of which do not have consent to occupy, mine, log and build dams,

Call for Laos to be partitioned at the 18 degree parallel along Highway 8, Lakxao, Bolikhamxai Province,

Call for a determination and demarcation Conference consists of regional powers, members of P-5, UN Experts on Rights and UN Specialized Agencies,

Call for a United Nations Security Council Resolution of recognition,

Call for support, assistance by International NGOs, Financial Institutions and the International Community.

Yang Lue, President
Mai Her, Sec. Defense
Chong Lor Her, Chairman Peopleas Assembly

CONGRESS of World Hmong People
Xaysomboun Special Zone
CONTACT: Division of International Affairs
Seng Xiong (212) 223-5486 E-mail: seng.xiong@cwhp.us
HTML: http://www.eworldwire.com/pressreleases/18065
PDF: http://www.eworldwire.com/pdf/18065.pdf
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   Mr. Seng  Xiong
   Congress of World Hmong People
   Minneapolis,    MN,    55413
   212-223-5486 (phone)
   612-455-2199 (fax)

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